Top 25 Reasons to love Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers some great features that enables sales people to build strong relationships with their customers, take actions based on insights, and close sales faster. Using Dynamics 365 for Sales helps to keep track of your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from lead to order, create sales collateral, create marketing lists and campaigns, and even follow service cases associated with specific accounts or opportunities.



Following are the top 25 reasons to prove Dynamics 365 for sales is best for sales:

  1. Collaborate effectively by connecting everyone to a single, shared database of sales and customer detail that is accessible wherever your people work.

  2. Easily adapt to different sales scenarios through process flows with feature branching rules that guide users down different selling paths to reach successful outcomes.

  3. Easily customize Dynamics 365 list views to show the customer and sales detail that matters most to you.

  4. Associate individual Dynamics 365 users with a sales opportunity to define the sales team and the respective responsibilities of each person, and see which active opportunities each individual is working on.

  5. Use Dynamics 365 to create a catalogue for each product you quote on, or connect with your ERP database to pull this data in.

  6. Understand why business is won and lost by tracking outcome reasons each time a sales opportunity is closed.
  7. Guided process flows help sales teams consistently qualify leads and effectively manage sales opportunities. Configure each sales step and stage to see at a glance what has happened, and what action should be taken next.

  8. Open list views including opportunities, contacts and leads in Excel Online and save multiple edits directly to Dynamics 365.

  9. Do business anywhere by accessing any sales and customer detail on the go through free Dynamics 365 mobile apps.

  10. Store PDF's and other sales literature in Dynamics 365 to quickly find and attach these to your email.

  11. Organise the management of your selling activity into territories based on product, geography or other criteria.

  12. Convert social posts where buying intent has been identified from Microsoft Social Engagement into new Dynamics 365 sales leads.

  13. Dynamics 365 Sales connects with other Dynamics 365 apps including Customer Service and Field Service. Thanks to its common data service, Microsoft Flow and Power Apps this enables seamless, end to end processing across numerous processes and cloud services.

  14. Create sales order templates and connect these to an electronic document signing service for rapid, paperless processing.

  15. Trigger an automated sequence of emails to nurture sales leads and receive notifications when individuals respond by connecting Dynamics 365 with marketing automation services including ClickDimensions or dotmailer.

  16. Instantly create new lead, opportunity, account and contact records directly from an Outlook email.

  17. Open Dynamics 365 contacts and other sales records directly from any tracked Outlook email, and see details of any scheduled activities for these records.

  18. Connect Dynamics 365 with SharePoint or OneDrive document management for a central library of customer and sales files.

  19. Protect customer and sales data with role based security profiles that control access to Dynamics 365 and enforce the correct access permissions for each user.

  20. Connect Dynamics 365 with your ERP solution for two-way sync including end to end processing from lead to order processing and invoicing.

  21. Stay informed by accessing complete detail about every prospect or customer in one place by integrating web forms, webinar registrations, completed surveys (includes native Voice of the Customer surveys) and email marketing.

  22. Track emails sent and received to any Dynamics 365 record using the Outlook desktop app, Outlook web access or mobile app.

  23. Connect Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to discover more about your contacts, make new connections and import leads.

  24. Enjoy a consistent user experience across desktop, browser, Outlook, phone and tablet thanks to Dynamics 365's unified user interface (new in v9.0).

  25. Relationship insights continually checks Dynamics 365 and Outlook data and prompt users with personalized action cards for notifications and reminders.
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