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Category Sub-Category Video Link Description
Configuration  Outlook Link Demonstration of the integration between Dynamics 365 and Outlook in Office 365 for email tracking, appointments, tasks, and creating new leads or contacts in Dynamics 365 from an email in Outlook.
   Email Engagement Link A short overview of Email Engagement and how you can use it to better manage your email communications with your customers.
  Email  Tracking Link This video is part of a series on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook Add-In. Find out how to track emails you receive in Outlook and link them in to D365.
Power BI  Tiles Link This video will walk through all the steps required to embed a given Power BI dashboard and tile in Dynamics 365
  Relationship Insights Link In this video we look at the Dynamics 365's new Relationship Insights feature.  We walk you through how to setup and configure several of the feature, including the Relationship Assistant, and the Auto Capture feature.
   Data Security Link How to set up a security role for a salesperson in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.
Administration   SharePoint Integration Link This video shows you how to integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM 
   OneNote Integration Link Integrate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with OneNote.
  OneDrive Integration Link MB2-715 Integrate SharePoint And OneDrive With Dynamics 365
  Create Users Link In this video, we are learning creating Users and assigning security roles to a user.
  Auditing Link This video is explaining the concept of Auditing and tracking the same in CRM Application
  Yammer Integration  Link In this video, we are learning the concept of integrating Yammer application with Dynamics 365 
   Customize Site Map  Link In this video we will learn how to Customize Sitemap in Dynamics 365
  Unified Interface  Link Get an overview of Unified Interface, the client for a set of core Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications.
  Export and Import with Excel Link This video explains about Bulk Edit using Export Import D365
Functional Currency Link Setup Currency and Exchange to buy and sell items in foreign currency in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  Customer Service Hub Link Overview of how the Customer Service Hub for Dynamics 365 provides a unified view of service issues to help respond to requests and earn customer loyalty through smart, connected processes.
  Entitlements and SLAs Link In this webinar we will discuss the SLA and Entitlement features and how you can use them to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.
Dashboards Creating a New Dashboard Link This video will teach you how to create a system dashboard that allows all users to view it and set it as their default.
  Sharing a Dashboard Link Learn to share a dashboard, view or chart that you created within Microsoft Dynamics CRM
FetchXML Introduction to FetchXML Link This video is about to retrieve records using FetchXml
JavaScript Creating and Debugging JavaScript Code Link In this webinar we discuss the basics of debugging your Dynamics CRM JavaScript should you encounter issues with your code using both Internet Explorer and Chrome.
  HTML Web Resource and JavaScript Button Link Working with Webresources in Dynamics 365 CRM V9.0
  Create Record in Dynamics 365 using jQuery Link This video is about JQuery customizations in Dynamics 365 portal forms.
  Update Record in Dynamics 365 using jQuery Link This video is about updating a record in Dynamics 365 using JQuery.
  Hide and Show Tabs and Sections Link This video is about how to Show/Hide Tabs and Sections with Jscript in CRM 2013
Processes, Workflows and Plugins Workflows vs Plugins Link Similarities and Difference between Workflow and Plugin Dynamics 365
  Creating a Workflow Link This video is about Creating Workflows in Dynamics 365
  Create a plugin  Link This video is about Plugin development step by step
  Debug a plugin Link

Debug Plugin using Plugin Registration tool 

  Business Process Flows Link Create Business Process Flow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  Business Rules Link In this video, we are going to learn about business rules in Dynamics 365 CRM
  Actions Link This video explains the below points:How to Create Actions in Dynamics 365, Call it fro  workflow , iinput and output arguments etc.
  View Designer in XrmToolbox Link Watch this short video to learn how to use the quick find view to search in Dynamics 365
  Filtered Views  Link Watch this short video to learn about how to add Filterd Views to views in Dynamics 365
  Views Link

In this video we walk you through the process of designing your own personal views in Dynamics 365

  View Designer in XrmToolbox Link Redefine the way you create and edit public or system views using the View Designer in Dynamics 365.
  Quick Find View for Search Link

Watch this short video to learn how to use the quick find view to search in Dynamics 365

  Sharing an Advanced Find View Link Watch this short video to learn how to share Advanced find view in Dynamics 365

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