Unified Service Desk - Online Edition

Table of Contents

  1. Unified Service Desk for contact center solution - Preface

  1. Unified Service Desk - An Overview

    1. Introduction
    2. Features of USD
    3. Benefits for Organisation
    4. Value Proposition
    5. Key Capabilities
    6. Design for Agent Desktop
    7. Process Flow in Call Center
    8. Telephony integration benefits into organisation
  2. Install, deploy, and upgrade Unified Service Desk

    1. Overview
    2. Installing USD
    3. Installing UII
    4. Installing USD 3.3 – Unified Interface
    5. Installing Unified Service Desk 4.0 Client Server
    6. Uninstalling USD Client
    7. Uninstalling Unified Service Desk Solutions
    8. Upgrading USD
    9. Package Deployer Unable to Login
    10. Client Side Folders
    11. USD 2.1.0 Download
  3. Setup

    1. Overview
    2. Setting up USD
    3. USD Client
    4. Finding the USD Version
    5. Troubleshooting Issues Logging into Client
    6. Best Practices Analyzer – Install
    7. Best Practices Analyzer – Setup and Using
    8. Best Practices Analyzer – Recommendations
    9. Preventing URLs from Opening Outside USD
    10. Recovering Crashed IE Pages
    11. Migrate from Web Client to Unified Interface with Migration Assistant
    12. TLS 1.2
    13. Configuration migration in USD
  4. Concepts

    1. Overview
    2. Sessions
    3. Global Manager
    4. Global Manager Actions and Events
    5. Hosted Controls
    6. Panels and Layout
    7. $Context, $Session, $Global Replacement Parameters
    8. Using USD 3.3 Unified Interface
    9. Unified Interface Page vs CRM Page
  5. Configuration

    1. Overview
    2. Submenus
    3. Adding a CRM dashboard or Webpage
    4. Session Lines
    5. Agent Scripts
    6. Window Navigation Rules
    7. Toolbars
    8. Setting Control and Panel Size
    9. Stop User from Closing a Tab
    10. Expanding and Collapsing Panels
    11. CTI Generic Adapter
    12. CTI Screen Pop with IE
    13. Change the Default CTI Port
    14. Sub Actions
    15. Entity Search
    16. Split Layout to Display Multiple Controls
    17. Opening Multiple Records
    18. Snippets
    19. Custom Shortcut Keys on Action Calls
    20. Default Navigation Rule to do Nothing for InPlace and Popup
    21. Activity Reminders
    22. Application is Dynamic
    23. UII Actions and Events
  6. Development

    1. Overview
    2. USD Patterns
    3. USD SDK
    4. Visual Studio – UII and XRM Tooling NuGet
    5. Creating and debugging a Custom Hosted Control
    6. Creating a USD Custom Hosted Control VS 2017 and NuGet
    7. Custom Actions in USD
    8. USD Website Integration
    9. Open CRM Record in USD as Popup in Webpage
    10. Open an Entity from Search
    11. CRM Page Call Actions from Debugger
    12. Integrate with Google Search
    13. Using Create Entity Action Call
    14. Windows Forms Hosted Controls
    15. Replacement Keys
    16. Fire Event in Custom Hosted Controls
    17. Call Event in USD from JavaScript
    18. JavaScript window.IsUSD
    19. Create a UII Application from Scratch
    20. Accessing Context Parameters
    21. Resize USD Panels with WPF Splitter
    22. User Interface Integration (UII) Development
  7. USD Use (By customer service agents)

    1. Overview
    2. Connect to the server using the client application
    3. Accessibility features
  8. Deployment

    1. Overview
    2. Deploying customizations across Organizations
    3. Deploying Customizations to USD Client Workstations
  9. Security

    1. Overview
    2. User Security
    3. Access Control
  10. Performance

    1. Overview
    2. Caching
    3. Generate performance data logs
  11.  Troubleshoot and debug

    1. Overview
    2. Introduction
    3. Logging in USD
    4. Logging Custom Hosted Controls with TraceLogger
    5. Debugger Shortcut Key
    6. Open Current Tab in IE Browser
    7. Error Creating an Instance with CLSID IClassFactory Shutdown Error in USD
    8. Delete USD Cache to Recover from Errors
    9. Client Diagnostic Logging
    10. Use of debugger control
  12. Appendix

    1. Overview
    2. Resources
    3. Versions



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NOTE: Please Login as above content is visible to logged-in (registered) users only; with the exception of Overview Chapter


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